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Your lymphatic system is responsible for the fast and effective release of your body’s waste. Lymphatic massage is one of the best methods to achieve this goal. If you visit a knowledgeable and reliable massage therapist who knows what he/she is doing, you will have the pleasure to enjoy its awesome effects soon enough. Here is more information:

  • What does it refer to? This type of massage aims to treat a serious medical condition, known as Lymphedema. It occurs when there is an abnormal collection of high-protein liquids just underneath your skin. As a result, swellings appear mainly in the leg or arm, but it could also appear in other parts, such as breasts, neck, or head. This kind of treatment is highly efficient for people who have been through the surgical removal

  • f lymphatic nodes.

  • How should it be performed professionally? A skilled specialist will use both his palms placing them onto the upper part of your rib cage. Then, you have to inhale and exhale. Using slight pressure du

  • ring inhalation, he/she will repeat these exercises several times. The main purpose here is to make your diaphragm muscles work harder. After that, he will ask you to turn your head to the side and place his hand on the opposite junction area.

  • What can you expect? Lymphatic massages are the perfect approach for women who have developed Lymphedema as a result of breast ca

  • ncer surgery. Only after several sessions, your lymphatic drainage will be improved and the detoxification process enhanced. All those gentle rubs, strokes, and pushes will stimulate your tone and mood as well.

  • Are there any side effects? Sometimes, people who have had a few sessions complain the swellings have increased in size. If so, they are recommended to stop treatment and consult a doctor. In general, if you experience any discomfort and do not feel any improvement, you should stop your lymphatic massage immediately.

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